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LAKSHYAVED came into existence in this year 2006 mainly as a cultural group with an eye on our rural cultural tradition and heritage. Initially focus of their activity was to make people involve to uphold our traditional cultural art forms. The strong eternal linkage of culture with the overall development process of the society made LAKSHYAVED consider cultural programmes as the entry point of community development. Day in day out people strive for food, shelter, health care and the hard toil spent on struggle for mere sustentation left no interest within them for cultural participation. People, who had intention to join to the cultural performance of LAKSHYAVED, were working day long just to get a mouthful income. So LAKSHYAVED felt that to ensure cultural performance it is necessary to think about the overall development of the community, simultaneously. Another consequence LAKSHYAVED found, since, their initiation that the folk culture, which represents the village life is dying just due to lack of monetary resource. In addition, modern inappropriate copy-culture, has been broadcast through various powerful media is also making the decay smooth. The artists of the folk culture, mostly landless are increasingly becoming agricultural laborers or migrating to the nearest urban locality in search of financial stronghold. It goes without saying that cultural upliftment, specially the development of folk part. A developed, enriched society can only think of cultural progress.

LAKSHYAVED took a different way from the other rural development organizations ( non profit / non government organization / ngo ). They started to use the platform of cultural performance where the participation of the village community is high as a means of sustainable development of community. They have begun to organize cultural and agricultural fair through which they collect money, which is spent for the development of the community. Thus, over the time they become an organization who strongly believes that cultural activity is a great powerful tool for community development. In course of their journey they have been engaged in various developmental programmes. As a committed organization they are carrying out these programmes successfully and also extending their work in different fields of development for the down trodden and deprived people of the community.